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Regression Testing For Temenos T24 Core Banking Upgrade

Regression Testing For Temenos T24 Core Banking Upgrade

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Testhouse tackled the challenge of T24 upgrade testing for a leading bank in the Middle East. Key issues included low coverage by the existing regression test suite and minimal automation coverage. The solution involved developing custom utilities for data validation and designing new test cases. The outcome was a significant improvement, including 100% regression test coverage, a 30% reduction in regression test effort, and no severe defects in production.

Regression Testing for Temenos T24

Problem Statement

  • Low Regression Test Coverage: The existing regression test suite offered insufficient coverage, increasing the risk of defect leakage.
  • Minimal Automation: Limited automation coverage led to prolonged test cycles.
  • Lack of Expertise: There was a non-availability of staff with core banking and testing expertise.
  • Limited Documentation: Insufficient documentation availability hindered the design of comprehensive end-to-end test cases.
  • Tools for Data Validation: There was a lack of tools to validate large volumes of data.


  • Custom Data Validation Utilities: Developed custom utilities to automate the data validation process between source and target databases.
  • Enhanced Test Case Design: Designed new test cases to improve overall coverage and introduced a ‘Purge & Merge’ process for more efficient regression testing.
  • Critical Case Automation: Identified the most critical regression test cases and employed the UI Path Tool for automation, focusing on these key areas.


  • Complete Regression Test Coverage: Achieved 100% coverage in regression testing.
  • Reduced Regression Test Effort: Managed a 30% reduction in the effort required for regression testing.
  • Elimination of Major Defects in Production: Successfully eliminated all Severity 1 and 2 defects in the production environment.