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QA Testing Of The UK’s Biggest D365 Implementation

QA Testing Of The UK’s Biggest D365 Implementation

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In this case study, we detail our experience in providing end-to-end testing support for the UK’s largest Dynamics 365 Sales implementation. Our client faced challenges such as a knowledge gap in Dynamics within their team, difficulties in testing data migrated from various sources and limited testing capacity. Our response included training in Dynamics 365 testing, managing the test team and delivering comprehensive testing services. This led to enhanced user satisfaction, doubled efficiency and notable performance improvements.

QA Testing Of The UK’s Biggest D365 Implementation

Problem Statement

  • Dynamics Knowledge Gap: The internal team had limited experience with Dynamics, leading to inefficient testing processes and potential quality issues.
  • Testing Challenges with Legacy Data: There were difficulties in testing data migrated from multiple legacy sources.
  • Deployment and Delay Issues: Frequent program delays and failed deployments were occurring due to inadequate testing capacity and insufficient Dynamics knowledge.
  • Lack of Structured Quality Procedures: There was no defined Testing Strategy/Approach, leading to unstructured quality procedures.


  • Dynamics 365 Training and Knowledge Packs: Provided training on Dynamics 365 testing and introduced knowledge packs to rapidly bridge the internal knowledge gap.
  • Management of D365 Test Team: Took charge of coordinating and managing the Dynamics 365 Test Team.
  • Comprehensive Testing Services: Offered full End-to-End testing services, including functional testing, data integration testing, data migration, business report testing, and post-implementation BAU (Business As Usual) Test Support.
  • Test Execution and Management Reporting: Ensured effective execution of the testing process, with accurate tracking and reporting of test progress.
  • Test Advisory Services: Provided advisory services on performance and automation testing approaches to the client.


  • Increased User Satisfaction: Achieved a notable increase in user satisfaction with the system.
  • Improved Efficiency: Doubled efficiency in the testing process.
  • Performance Improvement: Enhanced overall performance of the Dynamics 365 environment.