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Optimized Testing Retailer E-Commerce Experience

Optimized Testing Retailer E-Commerce Experience

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In our project for a leading retailer, we tackled challenges faced by them in their e-commerce operations. Our focus was on optimizing the regression test suite, improving application performance, and enhancing security measures. We used Frameium for automated regression testing, establishing real-time dashboards, and implementing comprehensive security scans. Our client achieved significant improvements such as a 25% reduction in production defects and ensured zero security incidents, greatly enhancing the overall reliability and user experience of their e-commerce platform.

Optimized Testing Transforms Retailer E-Commerce Experience

Problem Statement

  • High Production Defects: The application was experiencing a high number of production defects due to insufficient regression test coverage.
  • Application Performance Issues: There were issues with application slowness and unavailability during peak usage times, leading to low overall availability.
  • Security Concerns: Increased business risk was noted due to an insufficient focus on security testing.
  • Poor Cross-Browser Compatibility: A lack of emphasis on cross-browser testing resulted in a poor user experience.


  • Automated Regression Testing: Utilized Frameium to automate the critical regression test suite, integrating the framework with a cross-browser testing solution to ensure broader coverage and compatibility.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: Developed a threat model and implemented both static and dynamic application security scans to identify and mitigate potential security threats.
  • Real-Time Testing Dashboards: Established real-time dashboards to provide stakeholders with continuous visibility into the testing status and progress.


  • Reduction in Production Defects: Achieved a 25% reduction in production defects, significantly improving the overall quality of the application.
  • Zero Security Incidents: Successfully maintained a record of zero security incidents following the implementation of enhanced security testing measures.
  • Exceptional Application Availability: Attained an application availability of five 9’s (99.999%), ensuring high reliability and performance.