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Midlands Bank: A Digital Assurance Journey

Midlands Bank: A Digital Assurance Journey

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Our project for an established Midland Bank began during their journey to upgrade their banking system. The challenge involved integrating and testing off-the-shelf software solutions to enhance their banking services. Our role was to ensure seamless integration and effective testing of these systems, aiming to boost efficiency, security, and user experience. Through our efforts, the bank achieved a successful transformation in its digital services, significantly improving its service delivery to customers.

Midlands Bank Transformation A Digital Assurance Journey

Problem Statement

  • The Midlands-based bank was facing significant challenges related to compliance with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations. These challenges were primarily attributed to inefficient reporting processes, reliance on manual procedures, and a decline in the quality of customer service. The bank recently changed ownership and had ambitious plans to introduce new products and expand their business. However, their outdated systems and manual processes were inhibiting their growth potential.
  • The bank urgently needed to replace its legacy systems with a secure, multi-channel solution capable of automation, rapid market entry, and scalability. The desired solution had to seamlessly integrate with both front-end and back-end capabilities, including payment processing, loan disbursements, standing orders, and direct debit initiation and settlement. Additionally, it was imperative that the new system ensured timely and accurate compliance with FCA regulatory reporting requirements while migrating their existing customer base.
  • Given their limited in-house resources and expertise, the bank had initiated a tender process to identify software solutions and required a dedicated team to design, integrate, test, and deliver the new systems expeditiously.


Expert Team Deployment

  • Testhouse deployed a team of Business Analysts and Product Testers with extensive knowledge in mortgages, loans, and payment testing.
  • Business Analysts, Programme Consultants, and Project Managers were provided to evaluate requirements and collaborate with 3rd party software providers.
  • Collaboration with business SMEs to define system requirements and product definitions.Secure Multi-Channel Solution
  • Analysis of existing solutions and data structures to create a secure multi-channel solution for automation, speed to market, growth, and FCA regulatory compliance.Testing Phase
  • Comprehensive testing phase including functional, integration, performance/volume, and migration activities.
  • Creation of an automated testing framework using the Test Complete tool for thorough regression coverage and efficient pre-deployment testing.Payment Testing
  • Validation of the system’s capabilities for Direct Debits, Single and Bulk Payments, Standing Orders, payment status tracking, Balance reporting,
  • Transactions and Statements reporting.
  • Testing of Domestic UK payments like BACS, FPS, and Inter-account transfers, including various payment scenarios.
  • Thorough testing on loan accounts, including dormant/closed account payments, early settlements, and withdrawals.
  • API and Webhooks-based testing for payment processing.
  • Real-Time Dashboard and Reporting
  • Development of a real-time dashboard linked to the Test Management tool for regular progress updates and metrics.
  • Triage meetings for defect and test progress reporting to maintain testing health throughout the project lifecycle.


The project delivered significant outcomes:

  • Achieved 95% Test Automation Coverage.
  • Achieved a 100% Defect Acceptance Rate.
  • Achieved 100% Test Execution Coverage, ensuring comprehensive testing of the system.