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Functional Test Automation for a Subscription Service System

Functional Test Automation for a Subscription Service System

Functional Testing, Test Automation


Our client’s services offered a complete subscription management service that enabled businesses to connect to their clients at every touch point along the customer journey. These services allowed their clients to sell subscription-based content and services without having to create the infrastructure necessary to manage contacts and customers within their organization. Through a series of APIs, in-house teams or external partners would be able to deliver unique online journey or integrated sales data instantly using our client’s services.


As the users of our client’s services increased, the application powering its services were not performing as expected. They acknowledged there was a scope to improve the efficiency of their services further across development and testing functions. Some challenges identified were-

  • Insufficient bandwidth within the organization for manual testing had resulted in many parts of applications going untested prior to release.
  • Many key manual tests were executed regularly and could be automated certain applications would perform poorly on increased load.


Testhouse began the engagement with a Test Process Review to understand the client’s current testing practices and to assess where improvements could be made. Based on this Test process Review, our client agreed to adopt a managed service model to improve their testing functions. The managed services began with manual testing support and worked towards eventually implementing automation with the goal of overall limiting the amount of regression. It also carried out some performances testing on specific applications that were experiencing high degrades with increasing number of concurrent users.

Impact and Outcomes

  • An offshore functional testing team was assigned to our client’s services to support the testing function that increased test coverage and improved the quality of releases.
  • Testhouse and the client agreed on a set of automated scripts to speed up test cycles. As a result, test cycles that earlier took 7 days with manual testing could be completed in a day. The company was able to recover their investment into automation within 4.8 months.
  • Testhouse included performance testing on applications that were experiencing load issues to ensure their performance under all conditions.