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Automated API & UI Testing,‘Shift-Left’ Optimization

Automated API & UI Testing,‘Shift-Left’ Optimization

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In our project for a leading financial services company in the Middle East, we focused on modernizing their Business Process Management (BPM). We conducted comprehensive workshops and utilized Low Code components for designing business process models. Our tailored static testing framework ensured testability within the Low Code environment. We addressed challenges in their Loan Origination System, integrating advanced automation for API and UI-based tests, and employing a “Shift-left” methodology for performance enhancement. The result was a highly reliable application with zero major defects in production and on-time releases.

Automated API UI Testing


Our client sought an experienced QA partner to conduct comprehensive end-to-end testing for their upcoming Loan Origination System. The system was being developed using NewGen, a Business Process Management Software.

The following capabilities were planned in the release:

  • Business Process Workflows for both retail and corporate loan originations, as well as after-sales services
  • Mobile App for requesting and tracking various products and services
  • Chatbot for inquiries regarding products and services
    Cheques Clearing


  • Automation with Frameium: Utilized the Frameium automation platform to automate API and UI-based regression tests, integrating them into the Low Code DevOps platform for overnight execution without supervision.
  • Performance Optimization with JMeter: Employed an in-house JMeter-based performance framework to identify performance bottlenecks. Adopted the “Shift-left” methodology to enhance the quality and reduce costs for the Low Code Loan Origination System.
  • Real-time Dashboard for Tracking: Developed a real-time bespoke dashboard, linking it with the Low Code Test Management tool to provide release metrics and status updates to stakeholders.


  • High Application Availability: Achieved application availability of four 9’s (99.99% uptime).
  • Zero High-Severity Defects in Production: Successfully maintained zero Severity 1 and 2 defects in the production environment.
  • Timely Release Schedules: Ensured on-time releases, aligning with project timelines and client expectations.