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Testing Enterprise SaaS Applications

Testing Enterprise SaaS Applications

23rd May, 2022

Companies acquire enterprise SaaS applications (such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, ServiceNow, or Workday) to accelerate business capabilities. However, the complexity increases as businesses begin to customise and integrate solutions to suit their business requirements. So, the cost of overlooking testing the application can be catastrophic in the form of monetary and reputational damage.


ERP software testing helps to identify and resolve issues surrounding the operation of the system at each stage of its implementation. An ongoing testing process and quality needs must be built into the implementation life cycle to guarantee continued satisfaction and business confidence. This includes the demand for a variety of business scenarios and the fine-tuning and testing of extensions in stressful situations. The scope of testing depends on the application, its nature of data, and business usability and scalability.


To reduce the burden of testing

  • Keep customization, configuration, and integrations to a minimum.
  • Ensure effective change management and governance.
  • Take advantage of the SLAs offered by the vendor.
  • Test early


Managing change

  • Use APIs for integration testing to retain the value gained by integration.
  • Ensure the integrity of data through data migration testing.
  • Rely on automated testing to maintain the performance and security of the application.
  • Use unit testing to manage customization and extensions.
  • Testers provide quick feedback to the team in charge of customization and integration.
  • Be aware of the update/upgrade cycle provided by the vendor.


Focus on

  • Testing areas of most risk or change, be it functional or non-functional
  • Canary releases to reduce the risk
  • Quicker delivery of test results
  • Using visual QA to validate the UI on browsers and devices

Technology Category

Use Cases

Example Vendors and Technologies

Analysis Tools for Static, Impact and Configuration

Review configurations and code for insight into technical debt and to provide testers with focus.

·  Panaya Change Intelligence

·  Quality Clouds

·  SAP Cloud ALM

·  SonarQube

·  Tricentis LiveCompare

Test Management

Utilize traceability, communication integrations and reporting facilities to notify teams on software quality.

·  Helix ALM

·  PractiTest

·  qTest

·  ServiceNow Test Management

·  XRay

·  Zephyr

Functional Test Automation

Validate that specific features, scenarios or end-to-end business processes operate as expected.

·  AutonomIQ

·  Avo Assure

·  IBM Rational Test Automation Server

·  Kainos

·  Leapwork

·  OpKey

·  Provar

·  Qentinel (recently acquired by Copado3)

·  SmartBear Software

·  TestCraft

·  Tricentis

·  Worksoft

Test Data Management

Provision of properly shaped and securely provisioned test data to accurately reflect production data.

·  AWS RDS and DMS

·  Broadcom

·  GenRocket

·  Hazy

·  Informatica

·  K2View


API Testing

Leverage API design and production artefacts to accelerate mocking, and functional and performance testing.

·  Karate

·  Pact

·  Parasoft

·  Postman

·  SmartBear Software

·  Speedscale

·  Stoplight

Visual Assertions

Visual assertion technology validates the user interface layout, colours, fonts, text and functional outcomes of applications.

·  Applitools

·  BrowserStack

·  Eggplant

·  Mesmer

·  Sauce Labs


Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Delivery (CD) and Feature Management

For teams that are building custom applications and experiences on their enterprise application platforms, CI/CD and release tools can orchestrate the common building, testing and release management tasks.

·  AutoRABIT

·  CircleCI

·  CloudBees

·  Copado

·  Flexagon

·  GitLab

·  LaunchDarkly

Source Credit : Gartner

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