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Test Automation of Dynamics 365 Sales and Operations from Prospect to Cash

Test Automation of Dynamics 365 Sales and Operations from Prospect to Cash

09th Nov, 2017

Microsoft had recently announced the integration of Dynamics 365 Sales (previously part of Dynamics CRM) and Dynamics 365 Operations and Finance (previously Dynamics AX), which were hitherto completely separate units, into a single solution under Dynamics 365. The Prospect to Cash concept flow represents this integration for the first time. With this, Dynamics now supports a single end-to-end workflow where the customer journey can be followed from being a prospect to the time when they cash out.


Testhouse has automated this newly introduced process flow through every stage, from a prospect being created in Sales to becoming a Customer and raising a Purchase Order. Then through the integration of D365 for Sales and Financials, we continue from a Finance user perspective to validate the Customer PO through to Invoicing and Collecting Payment.


Watch below the full recording of the webinar, outlining the process of how the automation of the entire Dynamics 365 process flow can be achieved and tested using Testhouse’s proprietary Selenium platform.

The webinar consists of five parts. An introduction to Testhouse, a brief overview of DevOps 4 Dynamics, explanation of the Selenium Framework, outlining the automation process and a Q and A session.


Test Automation


Test automation is a method in software testing that makes use of special software tools to control the execution of tests, or to automate a manual testing processes for easy and repetitive action without any human intervention, and then compares actual test results with predicted or expected results.


Automating the end-to-end test of the Dynamics 365 sales and operations integration is highly beneficial to organisations because they can now this test on a regular basis with no additional costs. These regression tests can now be executed whenever there is a change/update/new development made either by Microsoft or by the user system. This will maximise test coverage for the organisation without the related efforts and costs and will give users additional confidence in the system before each release.


In the case of Dynamics 365, there are the scenarios that were automated. 


  • Create a Lead in CRM Dynamics for Sales
  • Convert the Lead to Opportunity
  • Create a Quote for the opportunity
  • Create a sales order. Sales order screen will have (green) Submit Order button. Once order is completed click Submit Order
  • In Financials module, search for CRM Sales Orders
  • Page that opens shows submitted Sales Orders from CRM. Click ‘Create in Dynamics NAV’ and you’ll get Sales order you created in CRM in Financial. Apply extra discounts, shipping and post it.
  • Check invoice status of Sales Order in CRM.


The Dynamics 365 Sales and Operations modules integration is backwards compatible with Dynamics 2015.


We are currently offering a free no obligation ‘Automation POC’ (Proof of Concept). Please contact us to know more details about Dynamics 365 integration and testing, and how it can benefit your organisation.