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Smart action to overcome COVID-19 impact – Occupational safety and workplace protections

Smart action to overcome COVID-19 impact – Occupational safety and workplace protections

25th Jul, 2020

This write-up is a continuation of my previous blog on “Smart action to overcome COVID-19 impact – Product quality and building strategic partnership.


Today, let’s look at one more action to overcome the impact of COVID-19 on your business.


Occupational safety and workplace protections


In addition to managing the direct economic impact of COVID-19, organisations will have to play a vital role in protecting their employees and customers from the spread of the Coronavirus. As banks open for the public in a controlled manner, Central Banks have issued new protocols and precautionary measures to be implemented at all branches/offices. Similarly, various Ministries have shared concrete guidelines to follow at places of work. Prudent measures such as social distancing, masks and sanitisers will be made available at strategic locations across the workplace for employees and customers to use as per the new norms. Most meetings will be held through software tools such as MS Teams or Zoom to reduce physical contact. All businesses have to implement protective work practices by assessing risks and as per the measures recommended by the WHO.


As employees return, it is necessary to build robust and flexible risk mitigation plans and review them continuously, revisit and adjust programs to meet changing circumstances over time. It would even require changing the office layout to prevent viral transmission. High risk and vulnerable individuals may need special attention. Being thoughtful and considerate to provide additional emotional support for sensitive members may also arise. Organisations that take such measures of care will survive the current crisis. Businesses that put employees’ welfare first followed by their customers will stand out from the crowd in these testing times.

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