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Quality Assurance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

Quality Assurance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

18th Jun, 2019

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) is a suite of enterprise applications for any business function. Businesses must ensure the highest quality implementation to extract maximum return on investment.


D365 is relatively complex with frequent application updates requiring verification of thousands of business-critical processes. Other challenges include maintaining configuration and customisation of the system, integration with internal applications and other enterprise software (such as SharePoint and Office 365) and complex migrations from other CRM/ERP systems (such as Salesforce, Siebel and SAP). All these challenges combined can make deployment and testing a complicated affair, necessitating processes that are reliable and easily repeatable.


We are helping customers across the globe in Dynamics 365 quality assurance, testing and DevOps to achieve the highest level of Dynamics software implementation quality in the most cost-effective way.


We are offering a no-obligation


  • demo of our Dynamics Test Automation Framework
  • automation POC (Proof of Concept)
  • quote to implement QA across your Dynamics application


Your benefits by choosing our automation framework


  • License-free: Framework is built on Selenium; No additional cost in case if you wish to use UFT or Coded UI.
  • User-friendly: Business users or subject matter experts can run test suite by a simple click of a button & generate extended HTML reports.
  • Out of the box integration: Integration with various Test management tools & Framework can also be integrated with various Continuous integration tools (DevOps).
  • Accelerated process: Quickly configure common & D365 application-specific libraries. The framework also provides extensions to re-use business, generic & extended functions.
  • Reduced cost: Use expertise from offshore for delivering value. Support is assured as part of Framework implementation.



Why choose us?


  • Microsoft Partnership (Gold DevOps, Silver Cloud Platform, System Integrator Dynamics)
  • Dedicated Microsoft Certified Dynamics 365 test experts
  • Years of proven record of Microsoft Assurance service for global companies
  • IP in the form of accelerators, plug-ins, automation suite and expertise offering significant value


If you are looking for a partner to help you achieve a significant ROI on your D365 implementation, please comment below or contact us.

About the author

Anish Roy | Associate Director - Global Marketing

Anish is a business and marketing leader driving growth and performance at Testhouse. He has several years of experience driving business in diverse environments and geographies, and helping customers solve problems with the latest technology solutions and services.