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New Features in Visual Studio 2017 – Webinar Report

New Features in Visual Studio 2017 – Webinar Report

20th Mar, 2017

Microsoft recently released the latest edition of Visual Studio 2017 on March 07 2017 with a host of new and exciting features and functionalities.


As part of the worldwide launch, Testhouse, in collaboration with Microsoft UK, organised a live webinar scheduled last Friday,17th of March 2017. The webinar was presented by Mohamed Radwan from Testhouse and Giles Davies from Microsoft.


Included here is the video of the full-length on-demand recording of the webinar and the entire presentation as a PDF document, for your further reference and use.


New Features within Visual Studio 2017


The latest updates from VS2017 are centred around improving working experience for developers, promising “best-in-class tools for every developer”, no matter what the app or platform they are working on.


The latest ‘buzz’ is its support for Mac. Visual Studio 2017 for Mac provides support for iOS and Android application development, .NET development and tools for Azure on Apple’s desktop devices (preview version is available to download now). The best part is that this is included free at no extra cost with existing Visual Studio subscriptions!


Visual Studio Mobile Center (from the recent partnership with Xamarin) is also another offering focusing on mobile application development, the “Mission Control” for mobile apps, enabling continuous build, test, deploy and monitoring of any mobile app.


The biggest changes in VS2017 is in its IDE (Integrated Development Environment), with significant improvements to make it as developer-friendly as possible. These changes are mostly presented in the form of new productivity tools such as Run to click, Navigation, Refactoring and tools to improve code quality such as live unit testing, live architectural rules and “code style”. VS2017 then takes its developer-friendliness another step further with several improvements to its code editor, Visual Studio Code – which include browser extensions, Git, debugging, Intellisense and more.


VS2017 also features DevOps enhancements in the form of an extension to simplify the configuration of continuous build integration and delivery from within the Visual Studio IDE itself. We looked at how to configure and automate the build and release in the background then deploy this in the cloud with Azure for development.


We’ve also looked at the latest ‘TFS2017 (Team Foundation Server) Update 1’ which includes the last three sprints for VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) and typical upgrade paths from older version of TFS.


To get more information of our session or if you want to see the live demos on Visual Studio for Mac, IDE updates, Visual Studio Code and DevOps, please view the live recording below: