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Navigating Dynamics 365: Adapting Testing Strategies in the Wake of April 2024 Updates

Navigating Dynamics 365: Adapting Testing Strategies in the Wake of April 2024 Updates

07th May, 2024

The world of Dynamics 365 is constantly changing, and staying on top of those changes is crucial for any organization that uses it. The arrival of April 2024 brings with it a significant update, including the much-anticipated one-version rule. This has sent a wave through the Dynamics 365 community, with businesses scrambling to update and ensure compliance.

While the one-version rule is a major change, some stakeholders may not yet fully grasp the impact it will have.

world of Dynamics 365 is constantly changing

To effectively navigate these upcoming changes, experts recommend embracing test automation.

automation solutions

Developing and deploying a robust automation suite that covers critical workflows is essential. This suite should provide valuable insights and run efficiently overnight as part of a testing pipeline. However, quality matters just as much as quantity.
Automation packs need to be assessed for their effectiveness in detecting defects, minimizing manual involvement, and adapting to user interface (UI) changes.

With Microsoft’s frequent updates, maintaining adaptable testing strategies is paramount. Continuous training, thorough regression testing, and early engagement are all crucial for ensuring sufficient test coverage and mitigating risks. Utilizing self-healing automation solutions can further lighten the maintenance load and keep testing processes responsive to changes.

A perennial challenge in Dynamics 365 testing is dealing with dynamic UI elements. Experts recommend leveraging solutions and frameworks specifically designed for Dynamics 365. These tools offer instant automation capabilities and streamline the testing process by reducing design efforts and allowing for immediate test execution.


Another hurdle organizations face is managing unwieldy regression suites. Experts recommend refining test packs by eliminating duplicates and redundancies. This creates lean, business-critical regression packs that are ideal for automation.

Dynamics 365 testing is dealing with dynamic UI elements
Performance testing is often overlooked

Performance testing is often overlooked, but it’s critical, especially in highly customized and integrated environments. Solutions like T-perform, a tailored performance testing framework for Dynamics 365, can address this need.
T-perform allows for performance testing at various levels, along with performance monitoring and comprehensive reporting.

The April 2024 update also brought enhanced capabilities for CoPilot. Powered by multimodal models like GPT-4, CoPilot for Microsoft 365 promises to revolutionize insights, productivity, and quality outcomes within Dynamics 365. This AI-powered tool can transform businesses from reactive to predictive, offering a significant advantage.

As organizations prepare for the constant changes, it’s clear that adaptability, innovation, and expertise will be key to navigating the ever-evolving Dynamics 365 landscape. By embracing test automation, refining testing strategies, and leveraging cutting-edge solutions, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and ensure smooth transitions in the face of new opportunities.


Dynamics 365 landscape


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