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Instituting Sustainability Along with Profit

Instituting Sustainability Along with Profit

14th Aug, 2020

With the economic slowdown and modest business performance, many organisations are under pressure to curtail the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) spend. Lesser profits will translate to fewer allocations for social sustainability. However, in the future sustainability or a company’s relationship with the natural environment and social events will become ever more critical. As we wait for life to take a full circle back to normal or adjust with the new normal, organisations meanwhile, must evolve and continue to contribute to the society, to sustain and reap the benefits of the changing world order. Companies shall donate to reputed non-profit organisations to reach out to the needy or choose to distribute food, masks, and other essentials directly to the less fortunate.


Companies must invest in their greatest asset, their employees, as much as they invest in the community. Employees are the key drivers that enable an organization to achieve great success. Responsible companies that give back to employees, communities and the nation will increase their brand value from a customer, society and shareholder perspective. Recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, India Government (via its General Circular No. 10/2020 dated 23rd March 2020) notified that the expenditure on preventive health-care, sanitation, special payment made to temporary resources over and above their salary, quarantine facilities for the sick, etc. shall be considered as corporate social responsibility (CSR) spend.


Testhouse Corporate Social Responsibility


Testhouse is active in various CSR activities. Testhouse sponsors Independent Age, providing them with assistance in fundraising and employee time. We are closely involved in 15BillionEBP, a London charity working with children. Testhouse is a member of Heart of the City, a charity working to bring CSR as a key factor of organizations within the city of London. Testhouse India’s CSR initiative is engaged in supportive activities for people with special needs at rehabilitation and care homes like Gandhibhavan in Pathanapuram, India Testhouse is an active participant in all CSR engagements of GTech and the Technopark community like Daan Utsav, Mission One Million, Tejus Blood Donation and SEEK to name a few.




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