Overview and History


Established in 2000, Testhouse’s vision is synonymous with Total Quality Management and aims to enrich the world’s interaction with technology.

Our mission is to enable Total Quality Management for businesses that rely on technology to harness the power of change and innovation for the benefit of their customers.

In 23 years of operation, Testhouse has evolved from the traditional waterfall and V-model testing methodologies to facilitating and driving the Agile methodology and near-continuous deployment. We are now a DevOps-focused consultancy, embedding the capability to deliver high-quality software engineered in iterations, including continuous testing with an increased speed of deployment to operational readiness.

Most organisations, from small and medium enterprises to large multinational corporations and public sector institutions, are open to risks from their use of Information Technology and move towards Digital Transformation. Testhouse helps clients by identifying these risks early in the software life cycle, thus reducing costs, increasing the base product’s quality and effectiveness, and protecting the client’s brand and reputation.

IT risks are both systems-based and process-based. While systems-based IT risks can be identified through comprehensive testing, process-based IT risks must be identified through a deep understanding of software quality assurance and industry best practices. Testhouse specialises in both of these areas and can assist in finding the best solution for your organisation.

Testhouse’s delivery model allows us to provide world-class testing solutions to clients, achieving greater operating efficiencies and faster execution of projects. Our onsite, offsite, and offshore facilities deliver required solutions in a cost-effective manner.

Although the Testhouse name remains, our expertise has broadened beyond testing to view client requirements holistically across businesses, domains, and technologies in full integration through the continuous delivery pipeline. This includes defect detection and prevention, lifecycle quality assurance, predictive modelling, risk mitigation, and quality control, all under the umbrella of Total Quality Management, as well as DevOps. All our offerings can be specifically tailored to meet any requirements, ensuring the cutting-edge quality of applications and the highest levels of user experience and return on investment. This is what defines Testhouse.

In 2018, Testhouse won the prestigious Queens Award for Business in the International Growth Category. We continue to strive to be the best.

Testhouse at a Glance


Years of Excellence in
Quality Assurance


London, Dubai
Los Angeles, Australia, Trivandrum
and Bangalore


UK, Europe, Middle East
North America, Australia, Africa and India

Over 23 Years of Making a Difference


Testhouse is established in London, UK by Mr.Sug Sahadevan

HP Partner

Testhouse becomes an official Software Partner for HP.


Testhouse established operations in India

Middle East

Testhouse established operations in the Middle East


Testhouse gets ISO:9001 certification for operational excellence


Testhouse established operations in the US


Testhouse becomes Microsoft Inner Circle Partner

Microsoft Gold

Testhouse attains Microsoft Gold ALM Partnership


Testhouse becomes a G-Cloud Supplier


Testhouse becomes IBM Partner


Testhouse Opens New Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Queen's Award

Testhouse Wins the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, 2018

North American Software Testing & QE Awards 2019

Testhouse selected as a finalist in North American Software Testing & QE Awards 2019


Testhouse established operations in Bangalore


Testhouse and Thompson QA Consultancy Announces Strategic Partnership


Testhouse awarded Hellios FSQS accreditation for the financial service sector

Quality Paradigms at Testhouse

“Quality is not an act but a habit”, said the great Greek philosopher Aristotle. At Testhouse, we have taken his words to heart. We have made quality the core practice on which our company culture is built. Quality is reflected in all our functions, actions, interactions, processes, deliveries, commitments, or any activity Testhouse is involved in. We believe that creating an environment of quality within the company will manifest itself not just in the services we deliver but in all facets of the company.

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