Windows 10 Migration

How to Migrate to Windows 10 with Quality

Historically, an enterprise upgrade of Windows has proved to be a long and difficult process and the pains of XP to Windows 7 can still be remembered. Testhouse’s tried and tested approach in migrating to Windows 10 can significantly reduce the risks, pain and costs.

Why test before upgrading?

  • Ensure the hardware, firmware and drivers are compatible with Windows 10 Ascertain compatibility of applications
  • Ensure that the browsers are compatible with applications and Windows 10
  • Ensure that the devices used are compatible including tablets and mobiles
  • Understand the risks of the packaging and delivery mechanism
  • Test through a pilot to ensure that the roll out is smooth

An absent QA strategy, adopting the key points above, can significantly impact the operations of enterprises for hours, days or even months. Experience and expertise can save you significant costs by avoiding known issues and pitfalls.

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The Microsoft Recommended Approach


Upgrade Analytics

Allows the enterprise IT to quickly identify and focus on critical issues impeding upgrade. This free service from Microsoft allows organisations to view which of their current applications are upward compatible based on Microsoft knowledge and which applications require further testing to deliver an assured upgrade.


Upgrade Assurance

This is a bespoke service which will provide Windows 10 upgrade specialists like Testhouse to further address the compatibility of applications, drivers and hardware with Windows 10, paying more attention to the applications which were identified as incompatible from the results of Upgrade Analytics. Testhouse will then use a risk based approach by prioritising for business criticality.


Upgrade Acceptance

This provides confidence to enterprise organisations that the upgrade will be smooth and result in minimal risk and downtime.This service will involve a pilot delivery followed by an organisation wide delivery and post upgrade monitoring.

Windows 10 is the last upgrade of its kind, in the future regular six month upgrades will be released and enterprises have to be ready to accept them. If you test this version with that in mind you can make life a lot easier for the future by bringing in automation. If a large percentage of a regression pack can be automated then the upgrade will become simpler and less time consuming. Testhouse’s strategy includes helping our clients build an automated regression test pack.

Testhouse is dedicated to offering the highest levels of customer service and are keen to work with you to identify services that will help your business. If you are interested in any of the listed services or require any further information, please feel free to get in touch.

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