TFS 2017 Migration to VSTS with TFS Integration Platform

Migrating Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server TFS (On-Premise) To Visual Studio Team Services VSTS has a lot of advantages and benefits to users, and is highly recommended. Some of the benefits are: Increase in efficiency of work Global Availability. Immediate Access to updates as soon as they’re available. Higher... Read More

Architecture of the DevOpsThoughts Project

In this third blog post about the DevOpsThoughts Project, I would like to present the Architecture and the Project Layers Structure used in the project. As visualization is the best way to understand DevOpsThoughts architecture, I will present below a set of useful diagrams to explain the philosophy behind their... Read More

DevOpsThoughts Rabbit

Introduction As already explained from the first post on this series About DevOpsThoughts, which describes the basic idea behind the project and gives us high perspective of it, the DevOpsThoughts Rabbit is the first project in the DevOpsThoughts blog post series. It represents an e-commerce website built with the usage... Read More

“DevOps Thoughts” – DevOps Best Practices on Real Projects

DevOpsThoughts is a community initiative that aims to teach the best practices in DevOps through a multi-platform application which targets a variety of technologies. DevOps is one of the hottest emerging topics in software development today as it improves the whole software development process, but unfortunately, there is no clear,... Read More

Dynamics 365 Testing to Overcome Implementation Challenges

Overcome the challenges of configuration, customisation, integration and complex migrations of your apps and systems of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Testhouse can support your organisation’s implementation challenges in the most cost effective way building a strong competitive offering in D365 testing

Introducing the “Delivery Plans” Extension for VSTS

Delivery Plans is an extension for Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) designed to provide a better cross-team visibility. It is essential for management and organization of work especially if several teams are available and working at the same time on the same project. For example, when a team is developing... Read More

The 8 Principles of Continuous Delivery

“Continuous Delivery” is a modern approach to software engineering aiming at the production and release of software more frequently, in shorter and rapid cycles. The objective is to establish faster got-to-market times, optimise the development and delivery cycle, ensure speedy resolution of issues and establish a stable, reliable, repeatable and... Read More

Prevailing DevOps Trends in 2017

Over the last few years, DevOps has evolved from a simple operational mantra for few niche software development processes to a widespread, all-encompassing philosophy disrupting and rewriting software engineering practices beyond recognition. As we are halfway through 2017, here are some important trends being witnessed this year as DevOps evolves... Read More
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