What is DevOps

Introduction The function of DevOps is to improve the collaboration between the traditionally soiled development and operations functions. DevOps is all about trust, communication and the merging of two different disciplines inside IT. On one side, we have developers and on the other side we have operations. DevOps is an... Read More

Visual Studio Team Services Dashboards

Introduction Dashboards are customisable canvases that enable your team to visualise status and monitor progress across your Visual Studio Team Services(VSTS) or TFS project. They replaced the previous Team Overview page. The use of dashboards can bring life to your project. The VSTS Team uses its own product and releases... Read More

Release Management Overview for TFS and VSTS

Introduction Release Management is a DevOps solution for Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server which can help you automate software deployment and testing in many different environments. With Release Management, you can either have full automation of software or partial automated processes with approvals and on-demand deployments. This... Read More

DevOps Framework and Practices

Introduction DevOps is a methodology that refers to anything that Influences the interaction between development and operations. Development needs as many changes as possible to grow and to meet the needs of the changing time while for Operations change is the enemy. Operations require stability and thus strongly resist change,... Read More

Difference between Continuous Deployment and Release Management

Introduction In previous posts, I’ve described the different kinds of methodology used, DevOps and what the main differences are between Development and Operations. In this post I’m going to describe the main differences between Continuous Deployment and Release Management and how the absence of each of them interacts with the... Read More

Native Cross-Platform in Visual Studio

Introduction In Visual Studio 2015 you can build same apps for different devices, such as Android, iOS, and Windows. In design process you will have the access to many design tools in Visual Studio that will allow you to add many connected services, like Azure Mobile Services, Application Insights and... Read More

How to Add Custom Fields to Existing Work Items for VSTS

Introduction Visual Studio Team Services is designed for all teams and enables them to track work, share codes and ship software. It provides many tools to support managers, architects, testers, project managers, build and documentation teams and of course developers. The service is available in many languages and It is... Read More