New Features in Visual Studio 2017 – Webinar Report

Microsoft recently released the latest edition of Visual Studio 2017 on March 07 2017 with a host of new and exciting features and functionalities. As part of the worldwide launched, Testhouse, in collaboration with Microsoft UK, organised a live webinar scheduled last  Friday,17th of March 2017. The webinar was presented... Read More

Cloud Adoption Trends and the Future of Software Testing in the Cloud

Cloud computing has been the hottest buzzword in technology circles for some years now, and not without reason. Technology companies have been increasingly moving processes to the cloud to take advantage of the “on-demand, configurable computing environment” offered by shared remote virtual resources (“the cloud”), to save enormously on computing... Read More

Automation Testing with Dynamics CRM Using Selenium

Testhouse hosted a live webinar on the 22nd February 2017 on Automation Testing of Microsoft Dynamics 365 using Testhouse’s in-house developed Selenium and C# framework. We presented how Dynamics CRM testing can be automated using Selenium framework easily and cost-effectively for any environment. We’ve also showcased a demo of the... Read More

One-Day Training Event on DevOps Using Visual Studio

Testhouse, QBS Software and Xamarin solutions, in association with Microsoft conducted a free one-day training event on DevOps, under the title “DevOps: Building the Future” on 9th February 2017 at the Microsoft office in Paddington, London. The main theme of the event was how the improved software quality can be... Read More

Testhouse Becomes Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 Supplier

Testhouse has won the honour of being successfully included in the UK Government’s Digital Outcomes Framework as a supplier for the second round of the Digital Outcomes and Specialists Program. Testhouse can now offer services for the following on the UK Government’s digital marketplace: Digital Outcomes: To provide overall solutions... Read More

Why the Cloud Carries Such Clout

For many companies, cloud technologies provide an effective solution for optimising the use of hardware resources and the opportunity to move their capital expenses (CAPEX) to operational expenses (OPEX). Software testing requires environments that are available as and when required. This can be a challenge using physical hardware. In this... Read More