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Performance testing is a key part of risk identification of a system to provide stakeholders with information about speed, stability and scalability under the expected load conditions. Testhouse can identify the correct tools, processes, data as well as plan, script and execute.

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Mobile devices are limited in hardware compared to desktop devices. Still end user expectation on performance is high and is demanding response time better than desktop applications. Mobile transactions are increasing by the day and calls for more secure and performant applications. The final end-user experience depends on client-side, network and server-side performances, and the first two being the main culprits for poor performances. Device hardware restrictions, application architecture & UI complexities, use of multiple third party APIs by the application network round trips, online & offline connectivity, cell coverage, signal strength, connection drops and retries, number of hops between client and the server bandwidth and back-haul latency are all key determinants to good mobile performance. Testhouse has delivered complex performance testing engagements for messaging, mobile web, location based services and GIS. Robust mobile performance testing solutions based on our partner offerings will enable you to be in the forefront of enterprise mobility.

Performance testing requires collaborative effort from business experts, performance testers, application developers and infrastructure experts. Besides it requires expensive tooling, dedicated environments and large amounts of test data. The demands on resources and tools make performance testing an expensive exercise and needs a detailed plan to be a success. Often the performance requirements can be ambiguous and the performance test objectives unclear leading to incomplete testing exercises later in the software development lifecycle. Without careful thought, incorrect assumptions may be made for workloads, concurrency, environment scaling, size and shape of test data etc. which may lead to results different to those experienced in live system. Business owners may develop false confidence in the system based on incorrect test results. Testhouse consultants can assist you in accurate modelling of performance test scenarios by implementing good practises through sound organisation/ project level performance test strategies. With our help, you will be able to build and test for performance earlier in the lifecycle.

Performance testing requires specialised skills for stakeholder management and co-ordination, requirements elicitation, workload modelling, test tool installation and configuration, performance test scripting, results analysis and correlation and performance tuning/optimization. Compatibility of the test tools with technologies, availability of skilled resources, environment and data availability, security policies and procedures etc. can present challenges to performance testing irrespective of the exercise being one off or part of a routine. Testhouse can provide the necessary additional help you may require on your time-critical projects. In case, your organization is keen to embed performance testing as a standard engineering practice, we can help you irrespective of whether you are following a waterfall or agile methodology. Our consultants can function as an extension to your internal performance test team, assisting them to cover shortfalls in resources and skills.

Simulating multiple users in synchronized manner requires the use of performance tools. There are different types of performance test tools available in the market- ranging from open source HTTP drivers to commercial types that can simulate state-of-art web technologies and proprietary ERP/CRM solutions. Some are even hosted as cloud-based solutions to simulate “outside the firewall” load common in today’s application delivery landscape. Even enterprise class commercial performance testing tools may not offer out-of-box support for certain evolving and newer technologies. The licensing models adopted by the product vendors can be restrictive and expensive and procurement decisions should only be made after careful analysis to understand the fitness of the tools in your own environment. Testhouse consultants are vendor certified on various performance test tools and experienced in using the advanced product features.

Performance testing in waterfall project is normally undertaken towards the end. The large scale end-to-end performance testing took weeks to complete and had dependencies on the completion of functional testing and production like environments. Identified performance bottlenecks often required structural and design changes. Design changes late in the lifecycle are expensive and require additional cycles of testing. Performance testing in agile projects follows a different and layered approach using multiple tools in shorter test cycles. Performance targets can be defined for different stages of development – at code, feature and system levels. Whilst code profilers can be used to performance optimize code, feature level performance tests can be carried out within each sprint to meet “done criteria”. System level tests can be carried on a weekly or end -of-sprint to understand the performance trends and how addition of features affects the overall performance baseline. Our consultants can assist you to evolve your performance testing practices in agile projects.

E-commerce applications must be performant, consistent and available to meet revenue goals. Slow applications drive customers to your competitors whilst application unavailability affects the volume of trade. Internet load spikes are highly unpredictable and events such as discount sales and clearances can drive application demand to an extreme. Network level peering issues can lead to poor performance for users in certain geography. There is a growing trend to understand how well applications cope in real-world conditions. Performance testing in isolated test environments should be complemented with real application performance monitoring from different points on the globe. Application performance monitoring allows stakeholders to understand the amount of revenue lost through poor performance besides giving them an opportunity to intervene pro-actively in case performance degradation is identified. There are different methods and tools for application performance monitoring. Our consultants can advise how best to implement them for your maximum benefit.

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