AppCheca - Digital Media Solution

Digital agencies must be able to deliver new websites, mobile applications, and other assets in a very short time frame. In these type of engagements, client branding is probably the most important aspect as it can easily damage a reputation that takes years to build.

We developed a specific offering for digital media agencies that helps ensure high quality result whilst ensuring a fast testing delivery to meet the time constraints.

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Dynamics CRM & AX

ERP & CRM systems are two major systems within companies. Because of that, they tend to be heavily customized. Making sure that they work correctly is primordial as the company depends on it.

With Microsoft Dynamics AX & CRM, we have developed a unique offering that can ensure your implementation or migration will be quality-focused and deliver a reliable system.

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Service Virtualisation

With ever increasing application complexity, it becomes difficult to set up and manage test environments when so many components/services need to be in place and interact together.

Using Service Virtualisation, environments can be quickly set up by removing the need of setting up all those services by creating “simulated components”.

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