AppCheca – Digital Testing as a Service

Testhouse is proud to launch AppCheca, a testing service designed specifically for Digital Media organisations.

This combines many years of experience testing websites, mobile apps and digital media applications with our dedicated test labs and flexible managed service capabilities.


About AppCheca

What is Included in AppCheca


Digital agencies face great challenges with modern marketing. Delivering a new campaign requires developing a website and/or an application quickly. But our world now lives in a multi-platform environment. Testing those digital media would require the ability to test on various devices such as mobiles, tablets, computers with all the challenges that encompasses.


AppCheca has been developed to address the common testing challenges that arise with digital media agencies. Testhouse offers a scalable and reactive service that is tailored around you own specific needs.

We can work independently, or alongside your own team/provider. We can rapidly scale up using our offshore team in order to help you meet your stringent deadlines.

Thanks to our experience, we can help test any application you may have developed for your clients:

  • Website
  • Mobile application (web-based, native)
  • Social Media application

As standard, AppCheca aims to provide comprehensive validation of your application. This includes:

  • Testing of web applications, microsites, mobile apps and social media apps;
  • Test planning and test case production;
  • Manual functional testing (including exploratory and destructive testing) to ensure your app works as intended;
  • Compatibility testing against a range of browsers, platforms and mobile devices;
  • User acceptance testing and user experience testing/feedbackDetailed reporting and recommendations.

If required, you can also draw on a range of other services from Testhouse such as:

  • Test strategy and process support;
  • Functional test automation and framework design;
  • Performance testing and monitoring (including Cloud performance testing);
  • Security/mobile security testing.

To find out more, please contact one of our AppCheca team at

Test Strategy & Planning

If you don’t have the resources, knowledge or time to prepare for testing, we can help plan your testing from the start.

Test Strategy

Depending on the application type, timeframe, budget, risk, we can devise a strategy that will maximise the quality of your application.

Test Planning

Thanks to our offshore capability, we can quickly plan your testing campaign and develop the test cases to be ready when the application is ready to be tested.

Security Testing

If your application is related to a marketing campaign, it will probably need to collect information from the end users. And you probably don’t want your application to become famous for the wrong reasons.

To protect your application and your client from brand damage, we provide a Security Testing service for both website and mobile applications.

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Manual Testing (Compatibility, UAT, User Experience)

Being able to rapidly test your application and raise defects at the earliest stage is key for enabling your team a rapid cycle of development with a quality focus.

We can easily scale up or down within 24 hours. Moreover, we provide different types of testing to meet your requirements such as:

Compatibility Testing

Using our testing lab, we can test your application across various platforms and browsers.

Exploratory Testing

By making real use of the application, we can uncover hidden defects.

User Experience Testing

We provide feedback on ease of use.


Performance Testing

If successful, the marketing campaign is likely to attract thousands of users to the website or mobile application.

Making sure that the infrastructure is capable to cope and scale, that the application is performing well is again necessary to ensure the experience is smooth and the brand impact is positive.

We can write tests that will replicate how users are likely to interact with your website/application.

Moreover, we can also provide continuous monitoring of the website giving you an insight into how users are experiencing the application.

Functional Test Automation

Having become the main tool for interacting with websites, it is important that mobile devices are tested properly.

However, every year thousand of new devices appear on the market all different from one another like:

  • Screen size (4”, 5”, 5.5”, 6”, etc.)
  • Operating Systems and versions (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc.)
  • Phone brands (Samsung, LGE, Sony, Motorola, Lenovo, Huawei, etc.)
  • Sensors

With Test Automation, we can create tests that you can reuse at will across multiple devices for a fraction of the cost.

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Testhouse is dedicated to offering the highest levels of customer service and are keen to work with you to identify services that will help your business. If you are interested in any of the listed services or require any further information, please feel free to get in touch.

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