Experitest is the leading provider of tools for mobile test automation supporting all mobile OS: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8/10 and Blackberry.

What the partner brings to the table

In recent years, mobile devices and more specifically smartphones have become part of our daily life. As such, they are now one of the primary ways of interacting with your applications and play a leading part in eCommerce.
Testing your application against mobile devices is not always an easy task. For Android alone, more than 18,000 distinct devices are now available all with various screen sizes, operating systems and features. Testing all of them is obviously impossible and also keeping track of the latest, most popular devices is also a key challenge. The best approach is therefore to test against a subset of this huge device range to give you good confidence level of your application’s quality.


How can a Potential Client Benefit

Experitest give you the ability to test against multiple mobile platforms by allowing you to access a range of centrally stored devices for testing both mobile web and native apps. Their SeeTest Automation tool is also designed specifically for enabling automated testing on mobile devices and perfectly integrates with HP’s UFT and Microsoft Visual Studio amongst others to extend your desktop automation capabilities.
Testhouse further builds on this capability by providing advanced automation expertise and also bespoke frameworks that plug-in with the leading automation test tools. Using these with the SeeTest Automation tool allows you to build an easily maintainable set of automated tests that are reusable across a wider set of platforms. This is particularly useful for automation of web based applications that will be accessed across multiple devices and platforms.

Testimonials & Case Studies

Please contact us to find out about our work using SeeTest at National Bank of Kuwait. To find out more about SeeTest, visit the ExperiTest website.