IBM is the biggest and arguably one of the oldest IT software companies in the world and, as such, is world renowned. In recent years, it has increased its investment in its Software Group both internally or through acquisitions of companies such as Rational and GreenHat.

What the partner brings to the table

IBM has also reshaped their suite of ALM software to provide a marketing leading solution, using the Jazz platform to underpin and provide collaboration between the larger product family.
IBM Rational software tools can now assist you in the design, development, testing and delivery of software and software-embedded products. If you are seeking to improve productivity IBM Rational tools can help you succeed. They also embrace the latest modes in software delivery, such as DevOps, agile, and cloud computing, so both systems and IT teams can work in continuous delivery cycles for improved business performance.

How Testhouse uses the partnership to provide niche services

At Testhouse we support both the ALM and QA/testing focused elements of the IBM tool suite providing consultancy, managed services, training and licensing support to ensure that your tools are implemented successfully and fully utilised. Our core areas of focus are:

Rational Collaborative Lifecyle Management

IBM’s solution to ALM that provides all the needed tools and integrations to develop your application:

  • Rational Requirements Composer: for managing your requirements;
  • Rational Team Concert: Agile solution for managing your project;
  • Rational Quality Manager: for managing the Quality aspects of your application (Test Planning, Test Case management, Test Execution, etc.);
  • Rational Software Architect: for designing architecture using the UML language.

Rational Functional Tester (RFT)

For functional test automation. It supports a wide range of technologies including Web, Java, Siebel, SAP, PowerBuilder, Web Toolkits, PDF, and more.

Rational Performance Tester

RFT provides an interface for creating Performance Test and generating load against your infrastructure. It supports many protocols (including HTTP, SAP, Citrix and Web Services)

Service Virtualization

With complex applications, it can be difficult to test as many components need to be in place. Service Virtualization provides a technology that can simulate those external system and consequently remove those dependencies. Using Service Virtualization, you can test your components in isolation speeding up your testing phase and uncovering defects earlier.

How can a potential client benefit from this

IBM offer enterprise level tools that cover a myriad of technologies and form a truly ALM centric suite. Due to the evolution of the toolset however there is a large number of tools to choose from and the licensing remains relatively complex. It is therefore useful to engage a partner such as us to help ensure that you have the right IBM tooling for your ALM needs with a licensing model that best fits your business.

Testimonials & Case Studies

To find out more about IBM’s Rational portfolio of tools please visit the IBM website.