Service Virtualization

Service Virtualization (SV) is a technology that allows emulating components such as APIs, SOA, Cloud applications and third party services. When deploying an environment, several components (database, web services, third party services, etc.) are required for the system to work.

With SV, you can deploy an environment even though not all the components are available. SV will take care of simulating the missing components. This is particularly useful when a new system is being built as not all the components will have been written yet. It also helps when interacting with third party as they may not allow the use of their service for testing purpose or may become expensive if charged by the use.
Often, with complex systems, testing teams have to wait late in the development process before they can start testing. SV solves this issue by replacing the missing components with virtual ones. This is even more prevalent for Agile teams where Shift-Left testing is a necessity for release software at a faster pace.

Once set up, a virtualized component can be reused as many times as necessary for no additional cost. That means that you can have several test environments and still not to have to worry about spiralling costs if you are dealing with third party services.

Lastly, with ever increasing cadence of releases, test automation has become a necessity. By providing a way to deploy a testable environment, SV can help make test automation a reality.


Modern applications are made of several components and services that interact between each others. Sometimes those services are provided by third party.

Have you ever been in a situation where you could not test because:

  • Services provided by a third party where not available;
  • Services where needed by another team, delaying availability for your team;
  • Changes to some services prevented deploying the environment;
  • Restricted and costly to use.
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Service Virtualization helps test complex systems by simulating various application components

Service Virtualisation Brochure
Service Virtualisation Brochure

Service Virtualization for DummiesIBM Service Virtualization for Dummies_E-book

Service Virtualization – Product Suite

IBM is a market leader with its Service Virtualization technology. IBM has a strong focus on DevOps and is well suited for testing teams.

The IBM SV suite is made of the following products:

IBM Rational Test Workbench

This tool provides a comprehensive test automation solution for mobile
applications, regression testing, integration technologies and performance and scalability testing.

IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server

It enables the deployment of virtualized services, software, and applications. It models and simulates real-system behaviours to eliminate application test dependencies.

IBM Rational Performance Test Server

RPTS is a workload test engine that can generate a load to provide a view of performance and scalability.

With IBM SV, you can quickly create virtualized services by:

  • Recording a live communication between the application and the component to virtualize;
  • Analysing the service specification (e.g. by using the WSDL file); or
  • Defining the behaviour manually and associate a data source.

  • Reduce test environment costs
  • Test earlier
  • Simplify environment deployment
  • Adopt Continuous Quality practice


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