Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM and AX) Testing

One of the top priorities of business leaders is the delivery of business software applications faster, better and at lower cost to support their clients’ needs, business priorities and company branding. However, 42% of these leaders believe they do not have the internal IT capabilities to do so. *Testhouse is a Microsoft Dynamics System Integrator and a Gold DevOps Partner and we assist clients who are committed to achieving the highest level of Dynamics software implementation quality in the most cost effective way.

Microsoft DevOps Specialism

Most Dynamics users have Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) installed but do not take full advantage of its capabilities. Testhouse ensure that you fully utilise the power of your Microsoft ALM tools to manage and test your Dynamics project.

Manual Testing & Test Management

5,000+ manual test scripts have been developed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM and AX). Combined with our ISTQB certified manual testers we use knowledge and expertise to offer independent and cost effective testing.

Experience with the complexity of testing migration & integration

Testing complexity increases drastically when migrating from an existing CRM/ERP solution or integrating it with business critical applications. Testhouse has experience of testing the migration of 10,000+ users to Dynamics and testing Dynamics 365 (CRM & AX) integration with complex solutions such as SAP products.

**Accelerating Business Transformation through IT Innovation” white paper by BPI Network, August 2015

Selenium Framework

Testhouse offers the most advanced Selenium testing framework for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly CRM & AX). It fills the biggest gap in test automation tools for Microsoft Dynamics 365 testing. The Selenium architecture reduces the maintenance overhead while allowing test scripts to be reused for far longer and will ensure that your test automation will deliver the expected quality and financial benefits.

Performance Testing

We have developed a suite of plugins for Microsoft Web & Load that simplify the development of performance tests for Dynamics 365.

Renowned Expertise

Testhouse, which started in 2000, has 200 staff on four continents offering global testing expertise and solutions. Building on the foundation of our Microsoft Dynamics System Integrator and Gold ALM Partner status, we have built a strong competitive offering in Microsoft Dynamics 365 testing that enables clients to de-risk their Dynamics 365 implementation, migration and integration efforts in the most cost effective way.

ALM & DevOps using Team Foundation Server (TFS) or Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)

To manage your Dynamics project, you not only need a validated methodology such as Sure Step, you also need tools to successfully deliver your project on time with the required level of quality. TFS ensures that every aspect of your application lifecycle is managed and monitored by:

  • Managing development projects
  • Capturing requirements
  • Storing source code
  • Providing traceability and rich reporting
  • Enabling continuous integration and deployment

ALM Lifecycle

Test Management

Manual Testing requires significant resources to create and execute test cases, often several times during a project. We have developed 5000+ test scripts which can be immediately executed using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) so that your Dynamics project can hit the ground running. Our test specialists are trained in Dynamics giving you the advantage when you need specialised testing around migration, integration or bespoke implementation. Less time is wasted on training and creating/maintaining test scripts enabling you to get early feedback on the quality of your Dynamics project.

Selenium Framework for Coded UI

Coded UI is part of the Microsoft‘s TFS ecosystem supporting Web, .NET and other Microsoft technologies while integrating seamlessly with MTM and TFS. Coded UI test scripts can be very expensive and difficult to maintain for testers and subject matter experts (SMEs). To solve the lack of TFS support and test tools for Dynamics, Testhouse offers the most advanced Dynamics automation framework allowing test scripts to be easily created, maintained and updated. A well-integrated framework accelerates test script production ensuring less maintenance and requiring less advanced test automation skills.

FAST Framework

Take advantage of the Coded UI Selenium Framework to:

  • Provide support for technologies not supported by Coded UI (including Dynamics AX and CRM)
  • Write automation test scripts simpler and quicker than with Coded UI alone
  • Lower the level of skill required to write test scripts
  • Promote ease of maintenance
  • Enforce good practice

Performance Testing using Web & Load

Implementing Dynamics within your organisation is not to be undertaken lightly as CRM and ERP are core business critical systems. Whatever the size of your organization, the majority of employees will need to interact with Dynamics, so good performance will be essential to ensure your users can work efficiently. Web & Load, part of Microsoft Visual Studio, provides the necessary support for the technology used by Dynamics and comes with unlimited Virtual Users in order to test real-world scenarios. Using our Web & Load plug-ins, your performance tests can be created quicker than ever and executed whenever required.

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