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Testhouse can reduce the cost of testing and the time to market whilst improving operational efficiency and enhancing the quality of your products. We do this by initially assessing your current testing state against industry best practice and identifying the gaps. We then use our thought leadership, expertise and experience in assisting you to establish a Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) with the right processes, tools and appropriate environment management techniques.

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If you are planning to embark on a quality improvement programme, the natural first step will be to assess the current state. A number of factors needs to be considered- test policy, test strategy, types of testing, product risk analysis and management, test design techniques, test team organisation and experience, stakeholder commitment and collaboration, test environments, test metrics, test tools, progress reporting and team communication, support for automated processes are some of the elements. It is not uncommon to find too many gaps during an audit; besides dependencies between various elements considered will complicate the scenario further. Experience and skill are needed to logically separate the root-causes of various issues identified and develop a pragmatic remedial plan. With a successful delivery record of similar engagements and a deep understanding of the good practices, Testhouse can be the chosen partner in your journey to continuous improvement.

For best efficiencies, the entire application lifecycle management (ALM) workflow across requirements management, software architecture & design, development, test and deployment should be harmonious. The processes should be nimble, simple and non-bureaucratic- one that fosters increased collaboration and communication. Real-time visibility and contextual awareness of the progress of various tasks across disciplines will allow for the development of a high-quality product within the planned time and budget. To realise this vision, people, processes and tools should all be aligned. The proliferation of agile methodologies in various flavours, availability of ALM tools with differing capabilities, level of experience and skill of your employees will make the task of achieving an efficient ALM process challenging. You may want to explore the various what-if scenarios in depth before arriving at an ALM process suitable for your operational context. Without being prescriptive, Testhouse consultants can facilitate your team to evolve an optimal ALM process.

It is common for organisations to simultaneously implement multiple IT projects to support its business needs. Quality assurance requirements across projects may be varied but must have a consistent level of quality. Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE) provides a framework to create a team of quality specialists who can leverage the best of tools, techniques, methodologies and processes to deliver the best possible level of quality. Testhouse can assist your organisation to set up Centres of Excellence that will allow you to re-use assets and project knowledge. Use of standards and efficient techniques with governance and communication processes will ensure your quality assurance team is operating at the right level of efficiency. Centralising specialities such as test automation and performance reduce cross-project scheduling conflicts and while utilising test tools and test environments sufficiently to provide a better return on investment. Speak to one of our principal consultants to initiate an assessment of your current state and prepare a roadmap for implementing TCoE.

At an organisation level, tooling for managing requirements, test assets, test automation, software builds & deployments, performance testing, security testing and defects are often required and used. Tools from different vendors follow different approaches to quality and vary in the technologies, out-of-the box metrics supported and integration methods used. If you implement tools for one area without considering its impact on others, it may prove costly in the long run. Changing tools later will lead to throwing away of assets dependent on them. Due diligence must be undertaken to ensure tool capabilities are accurate for your environment. A comprehensive test tools selection criteria must be defined to ensure organizations’ test tool needs of today and tomorrow are effectively met. Corporate wide vision of quality and application life cycle management processes to be implemented are key to get the tooling strategy correct. Testhouse consultants can help you achieve excellent results from the very start.

As part of internal restructuring exercises, it is common to entrust strategic and tactical test management to experienced managers from development, architecture or project management streams. Whilst the new manager may possess excellent grasp of the organisational and project aspirations, they may not have all the skills to manage testing across the organisation from day one. They may do well in certain areas from previous experience.However, with appropriate mentoring and coaching support, the new managers can become even more effective. Some common areas will include test team structuring, implementing Testing Centres of Excellence (TCoE), implementing test strategies, estimating test effort, monitoring and controlling test projects, evaluating test outcomes to facilitate release decisions and managing career aspirations of the test team. Please engage with a Testhouse principal consultant who will readily assist you.

Test environments present a significant challenge to the success of major test programmes. Different test types require different environments; some cannot be shared. Testing has to be carried out on correctly sized and configured environments to produce accurate results. Besides, complexities of architecture, legacy applications, dependencies on hardware and skilled technicians, shared network infrastructure, data protection and compliance issues can lead to serious project delays in the absence of strong test environment management. Testhouse can assist you with configuring and provisioning environments with scheduling protocols aimed at lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through better utilisation and re-usability. You can benefit from our capabilities and experience in newer technologies such as service virtualisation to achieve faster release cycles at improved quality.

Testhouse is dedicated to offering the highest levels of customer service and are keen to work with you to identify services that will help your business. If you are interested in any of the listed services or require any further information, please feel free to get in touch.

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