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The Future of testing

Increase Test Coverage, Decrease Cost

Performance Testing!

Improve User Experience, Outperform Competitors

Free your Business By

Improving IT/Business Alignment

Increase Accuracy

Through Test Automation

Our Expertise

About Testhouse

  • Our Consultants - Certified and highly skilled individuals.
  • Our Clients - Customers that have put their trust in us.
  • Our Global Delivery - EMEA, Americas and APAC.

Our Service Offerings

  • Performance Testing

    Users expect a consistently high level of performance and reliability in respect of application software; We have a wealth of experience in providing performance testing across a wide range of platforms.
  • Test Automation

    We are experiencing high demand for our test automation, performance testing, QTP, Quality Center and offshore, managed, web, load, stress and Mobile Testing expertise; whatever your application and / or budget - Testhouse has a solution.
  • AppCheca – Digital Testing as a Service

    We provide flexible, reliable and scalable platforms for testing websites, mobile apps and digital media apps with our dedicated test labs; designed specifically for Digital Media organisations.
  • Test Tools

    Our specialisation, in a specific range of Test Automation tools, separates us from our competitors enabling us to recommend the best test automation tool for each project.

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